Transformation – service design in disguise

It all sounds like a 1974 sci-fi short story, but apparently “2009 is all about transformation”. Business Week kicked off the debate on 3rd Jan, saying that innovation was dead – a victim of corporate hubris – and my word it hasn’t stopped since. Worth a look. Transformation being humanising technology. Letting customers produce your service etc.

Also – editor of industrial design bible Core 77 was quoted as saying that “in 2009… we’re going to see an explosion of Service Design around the world. Many firms are already practicing it, but it will take on a new urgency as more and more people recognize service as the new product.” Which is all good too. I took on my new role of Director of Service Design at the Team in November. So I’m hoping they’re both right!

Great thing about all of this is that, since 2005, the public sector has been all over transformation. Take a look here to find out. Having failed for years to successfully innovate, they’ve leapfrogged onto the next big thing. And the remarkable thing? It appears to be working. Although to find out exactly how well, we’ll have to wait for the 2008 annual report due later this month.

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