National Tip Good Service Day

Why do only restaurants have performance based bonuses as standard?
Bell boys, taxis, barbers – a handful of others use them in a
pretty under-stated way here in the UK. I can think of many services
that’d be greatly enhanced by a tip. Department store sales reps,
guards on trains, nurses, dry cleaners, librarians. People that
provide me with a memorably good service experience should be
recognised regardless of their industry.

Which got me thinking. Perhaps we need an annual “Tip Good Service
Day”? It’ll give rightful recognition to the fact that so many of us
work in service businesses. It’ll give those who strive to give good
service an opportunity for recognition and reward. It’ll give the
people who receive good service an opportunity to say thanks to those
that go the extra mile.

Like the occasional guard on my train who wishes everyone a good
weekend and checks ahead for service disruptions. Like the staff in my
local sandwich shop who remember what I want and ask how my day’s
going. Like the mechanic that washes the car at no extra cost. Like
the binmen who can’t get their truck down my street, so who wheel each bin all the way up and back, whistling as they go.

Everyone loves good service, but here in the UK, we often let it go in-
recognized – perhaps putting a £5 note in a Christmas card and leaving
it for the postman. But it all seems a bit patchy and unfair to me.
Let’s join it all up and celebrate it once a year.

2 thoughts on “National Tip Good Service Day

  1. redjotter

    I had a very similar conversation with my friend yesterday Joel. We had a very frustrating experience in a supermarket. I think it is a great idea. Let’s make a plan 🙂


  2. Joel

    I’m up for it. It’s got Obama undertones. It’s about a million positive actions making a big impact overall.


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