Mobile tariffs

I just experienced some silly mobile tariff nonsense from otherwise pretty reliable O2. I regularly eat through my 500MB of data, so I got on web chat and asked if they could do better. No was the answer – not without me paying an extra £10 a month. I dug my heels in and said a) I wasn’t prepared to pay that and would just ration myself and b) I would find a new more flexible provider come October. Immediate capitulation from them and now I’m paying £1 LESS a month for double data allowance – because I’m a ‘valued customer’. Valued customers shouldn’t have to threaten to leave to get some flex.

The biggest irony though is that I was willing to pay a bit extra for a bit extra data, and instead I’m now paying less for twice as much data. Add that to the cost of serving me, and the damage done to their brand by driving up my customer effort and O2 come out at a clear loss. 

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