Task rooms

In the future I’d like to see a situation where, close to every team delivering a service, there’s one or more ‘Task Rooms’. These would normally be meeting rooms where people sit and talk about interminable abstract problems, before breaking up to work solo on their desktop machines. But the Task Room is a bit different:

– the room is dedicated to a key customer task that the organisation is intent on delivering well to its customers
– that task is up on the wall, left to right – warts and all
– each wart is studied and obsessed about – why is it there? How can it be removed? What other warts are the customers seeing that we aren’t?
– one or more big customer personas should be on the facing wall. These are the poor people we are trying to help through all this
– you’d start with the big hairy high volume tasks, and as they got sorted you’d replace them with slightly less hairy but still important ones
– you regularly take people out of delivering the service, to the Task Room to work on the service – to eliminate the warts

That’s it. Not rocket science. Some are already doing something similar. Pixar has storyboard rooms running for 4 or 5 years, so they can continually live within the story and refine it to within an inch of its life.

1 thought on “Task rooms

  1. Joel, great little post I agree there should be more places like these to enable people to see how decisions work through over time.
    If you have not come across Dave Sibbet http://www.davidsibbet.com/ he discusses decision rooms and visualising these, very interesting work all based in cognitive science.


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