Hi, I’m Joel. I lead Service Design and Innovation work, and help clients use Design to transform their businesses. Right now I’m a Director at EY Seren, the global design consultancy within EY, Forrester’s Global Innovation Leader 2019. Amongst other things I lead a £3.5m portfolio of business, am responsible for a practice, and collaborate with others on the leadership team to drive the business forward.

My current focus is on Financial Services, working with clients like Lloyds Banking Group, Barclays and JP Morgan. In the past I’ve led work with organisations as diverse as Gucci, O2, the BBC, HMRC, Ford, West Sussex Council, Teachers Pensions, and Tesco.

I’m passionate about service as an ancient human instinct, and how we’ve gone from there to here: a world dependent on services that are complex human systems, increasingly powered by digital technology that is accelerated their potential in profound and unexpected ways. I believe design is by far the best tool available for humanising that potential and realising their value. I also love that service design + agile is the most inclusive tool for change available to us.

I was lucky to find service design very early on. My work during the 2000’s laid some of the early foundations for the Government Digital Service. In 2010 I established one of the first Service Design teams in a FTSE 50. In 2016 I ran the UK arm of the world’s first service design agency. I set up, ran and sold the UK’s first specialist Service Design recruitment business.

I write and speak about Service Design, and like to coach others when I can. I’m proud to be part of the wider community.

I’m also a buddhist, which I never used to mention, but things have changed. I am working to move beyond human-centred design, to work across a bigger canvas, with more sustainable forms of design, that consider broader environmental and social measures of outcome.

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