Serve don’t sell

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We’re moving into a retention economy, away from an acquisition economy. That squeeze on marketing budgets? All those tough ROI questions that never used to be asked about advertising retainers? Guess what? Organisations aren’t as accepting of the leaky bucket any more. Because customers aren’t. The … Continue reading Serve don’t sell

Week notes – 22nd June 2019

Everything a design team puts out, whether for an internal or external audience, should be written in the clearest, plainest language possible. It’s such a good discipline. All jargon, acronyms and service nouns should be avoided. Use the language you normally use Lots of people are being put in the field with tools and techniques … Continue reading Week notes – 22nd June 2019

The Joy of Corporate Tidying Up

It’s a guilty secret of mine that when I get a bit stressed, I spend time at the weekend clearing out kitchen cupboards. It’s really cathartic. So the rise of Marie Kondo isn’t a big surprise to me. It’s just made it less shameful to admit to my closet, closet cleaning habit. What it’s also … Continue reading The Joy of Corporate Tidying Up