Is good service honest service?

My iphone is being repaired at the moment. I sent it over a week ago, by special delivery. They have a neat little “track your order” facility. So I was notified when it arrived and also when it switched to “pending”, whatever that means. The site talks about a 24 hour turnaround time, but it’s … Continue reading Is good service honest service?

Service Design Network Conference 2009

I toyed with calling this “Helping clients see their organisation as their customers do” – as that was my best takeaway from an interesting conference. I had a great time in Madeira. The sun shone, the many swimming pools sparkled against the ocean and the hotel was sufficiently plush to warrant the flight. I thought … Continue reading Service Design Network Conference 2009

Training versus Service Design

I was chatting to a prospective client the other day, talking though the benefits of service design for a change programme they’re embarking on. One thing came up repeatedly in the conversation – the client’s instinct to rely on training. This interested me in two ways – firstly, is training really a good solution for … Continue reading Training versus Service Design

The Explosive Website

So I have this evolving theory – the Explosive Website – and it kind of runs like this. The web, when it’s good, is setting this amazing service experience which is becoming increasingly dominant. Witness Amazon. I can find and order a book within a minute. It remembers who I am, it knows what I … Continue reading The Explosive Website

Live Well with Mayo

Very inspired by Paul Robare’s work at Carnegie Mellon on Mayo’s “beyond primary care” service design. Well though through, with some interesting ideas at the end. I suspect in the USA you get more room to experiment than the UK, where the domination of the NHS behemoth makes things a little trickier. Nevertheless, all good … Continue reading Live Well with Mayo

Want to get a handle on Service Design?

I highly recommend a listen to Peter Day’s (one of THE voices of Radio 4) programme on design thinking. Great and hugely diverse references to impact as the true measure of design. Great reference to Virgin’s terminal experience (which Engine can be proud of). And the plane – if you want people to sleep on … Continue reading Want to get a handle on Service Design?