America and Britain

Why is it that in America, where service expectations run so high and where people complain in an instant over bad service, they have no real service design industry to speak of? Whilst in the UK, where people will traditionally suffer in silence before complaining, we have a burgeoning little service design sector? Hypothesis 1: … Continue reading America and Britain

Why do some sectors give better customer experience than others?

I was reading Forresters 2008 Customer Experience Indicator the other day (I know, I’m well behind on my reading – its a challenge for us all apparently) and what I saw made me think. What is it about retailers and hotels that give them such high rankings? I’m guessing it’s their constant daily contact with … Continue reading Why do some sectors give better customer experience than others?

Service design – a feminist manifesto

Just watched another great Car Pool podcast, this one with Oliver James. They had a good discussion about feminism and how, from something in the 70s that was about women being allowed to be women, it’s turned into something that makes women act like men. The laddish drinking culture, the suit wearing female MP etc. … Continue reading Service design – a feminist manifesto

Waitrose Delivers… sort of

I expect great things from Waitrose, so I was shocked to discover their online service feels so bolted on and un-integrated. We keep running out of food, so my wife suggested we start getting a weekly shop delivered. I checked out the options and found out Waitrose delivered for free in my area, compared to … Continue reading Waitrose Delivers… sort of