2020: A new decade of service

I hope we’ve left The Experience Economy behind. I’m tired of Customer and Employee Experience. It was good while it lasted, in that it renewed everyone’s focus on the importance of the customer and the employee in any service. But the outcome of a decade of experience programmes has been some cosmetic change, but not … Continue reading 2020: A new decade of service

Where are all the service implementers?

I’ve had some interesting conversations with buyers of service design of late, and though all are very positive about what service design can bring, without fail all have gone on to say -“but when it comes to implementation…” This seems to be a bit of an achilles heal. Is it because service designers haven’t had … Continue reading Where are all the service implementers?

Outsourcing my life

Between them, google and apple serve up big chunks of my life. And not just the products they offer – calendars, email, apps etc – it’s the string of products that I’m talking about. Large parts of my memory are now outsourced to my iPhone, mac and google account. Pew Internet are worrying about this, … Continue reading Outsourcing my life

Which way the wind blows

Reading Matthew Taylor’s blog – he of the RSA – and his comments about the current zeitgeist for collaboration and inclusion struck a chord. “So the message out in public sector land is; we have to do things very differently if we are meet growing needs with shrinking budgets, and that crucial to the capacity … Continue reading Which way the wind blows

Currys – the service innovator

I never thought I’d say this, but Currys, long time high street technology retailer of Britain, has actually done a pretty canny bit of service innovation. I’ve been in this predicament. New fridge comes, old fridge needs to go. I and so many other have relied on the wierd black market of delivery men who, … Continue reading Currys – the service innovator

Waitrose Delivers… sort of

I expect great things from Waitrose, so I was shocked to discover their online service feels so bolted on and un-integrated. We keep running out of food, so my wife suggested we start getting a weekly shop delivered. I checked out the options and found out Waitrose delivered for free in my area, compared to … Continue reading Waitrose Delivers… sort of